Looking for a positive colleague who is not afraid of change.

  • Positivity

    We accept challenges rather than the status quo.

    When faced with a difficult problem, we approach it from a positive and multi-faceted perspective rather than giving up.

    We keep all possibilities open and find and fix problems by asking questions and exploring them.

  • Courage

    You say what you think, when it’s in the best interest of SOFTWIZ, even if it is uncomfortable.

    Employees have the ability to contribute and communicate equally based on their own sense of logic and data, regardless of their role, experience level, or age.

    Today's actions will turn into tomorrow’s impact which will create a 'new experience.'

  • Value

    We aim for values that go beyond "good things."

    We engage with colleagues in the journey of a project and work willingly for better results.

    We continuously refine and improve our values and implement optimized business process with the aim of delivering the best service.

  • Easy commute

    Stop rushing to work! ‘Only 60 seconds’ from the subway to the company.

  • Top-notch equipment support

    Dual monitors, modern laptops, and teleconferencing equipment. Conference call equipment, etc. are provided as needed.

  • Take time away any time you want

    How you choose to spend your time off is your choice and does not require an explanation! Take time off and rest “for yourself” whenever needed.

  • Fulfill your educational needs

    We provide educational assistance and sponsor training courses an employee is personally interested in. We invest in our employees and give them consistent opportunities to grow.

  • Unlimited crispy toasts served

    We care and ensure our employees are fully charged even when they skip breakfast because they woke up late. Stay HUNGRY. But that refers to your ambition, not your empty stomach!

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